Sammy’s Limos and Tours Reviews Top 5 Santa Barbara Wineries

Sammy’s Limos and Tours Limousines and Tours is more than a limo service. We are a wine tour limousine company and more. Looking for an all-day wine tour in Santa Barbara? We offer luxury, convenience, privacy and safety. California wine tours have never been better than with Sammy’s Limos and Tours. Ready for a choice of customized limousine wine tours? Sammy’s Limos and Tours is pleased to share our top 5 Santa Barbara Wineries.

Carr Vineyards and Winery – Santa Barbara Winery

A relative newcomer, Carr Vineyards and Winery opened in 1999 and specializes in limited production wines from Santa Barbara County. Located on about 100 acres, winemaker Ryan Carr oversees every grape that goes into his wines. Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Grenache and Cabernet Franc are his specialties. You’ll love the views and the personal effort that goes into each splendid bottle of wine from Carr Vineyards. Be sure to visit their website for more details.

Kalyra Winery – Santa Barbara Winery

Take an Australian born winemaker and plant him in California for 20 years. What you get is an outstanding wines right here in Santa Barbara. Kalyra combines the best of winemaking from Australia, California, Portugal, France, Spain and Italy to give you an extraordinary experience for your pallet.

Lots of fun, lots of events and plenty of great wine makes Kalyra an Sammy’s Limos and Tours Choice Winery. Visit their website for a list of events.

Giessinger Winery – Santa Barbara Winery

Wine tasting, delicious food, some naughty fun and maybe even some romance may highlight your visit to Giessinger Winery. It is French winemaking in the beautiful California countryside that comes together to create an atmosphere you won’t soon forget. Named as 2012 Best Tasting Room in Santa Barbara. Get ready for an experience at the Giessinger Winery.

Be sure to visit their website for much more information.

Oceana Winery and Marketplace – Santa Barbara Winery

Oceana combines a little bit (okay a LOT) of irreverence with some great tasting wines in what is called Santa Barbara’s Downtown Winery. If you are looking for a little wine to go along with your fun this place is it. Check out their website for a complete history. Attitude and the fun factor combine to make the Oceana Winery and Marketplace a must see, and therefore an Sammy’s Limos and Tours Choice Winery. You can learn more at their website.

Santa Barbara Winery – Santa Barbara Winery

Visitors love the upscale atmosphere and panache of the Santa Barbara Winery. This modern facility produces some amazing California wines. The winery was started in 1962 and was the first winery in Santa Barbara since prohibition to open. Now there are over 100. If you want to see the first, this is where to start in Santa Barbara. Legacy alone would make this an Sammy’s Choice Winery. See their schedule of events and learn more about their history at their website.

Visit One…Visit Them All!

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